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Pocket tags are a cute way to insert a gift card , a little gift, or money. Come learn how to make these KimberBell Pocket Tags and add to your embroidery skills. You will be learning applique in the hoop as well as how to work on the underside of the hoop.

Cost: $ 15.00
Can you remember how exciting it was to see those first signs of spring after the long winter? This month we will be stitching our own signs of spring with that cute little Wren peeking out from the corner.

Cost: $ 55.00
I can just see this little bluebird sitting on a fence post at our daughter's farm! I can even imagine it singing! Yep, that's happiness and now we can stitch it!

Cost: $ 55.00
Lilies are so pretty and this one is no exception. Best part is that this lily won't ever go away! And don't you just love the little ladybug crawling up the stem? It's a true sign that spring is turning to summer!

Cost: $ 55.00
I think this design belongs in a butterfly garden. Look at all the butterflies that the Foxglove Flower attracts! It must be a very sweet flower which makes sense because it is very sweet to stitch out!

Cost: $ 55.00

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